We’re building a
ground-breaking green
compute network.

Compute is the foundation that enables almost everything
in our data-driven media-rich world.

But it’s also responsible for 3% of our total CO 2 emissions,
the same proportion as the airline industry.

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Computers get hot

Typically 1/3 of the energy a data centre uses goes on cooling.

So about 1% of the CO 2 being released into the earth’s atmosphere is just dealing with the fact that computers in data centres get hot.

Our patented design captures the heat from the chips and other components and transfers it through the cylinder wall into the water.

Data centre air conditioning is no longer needed and the heat produced is captured not wasted.

An intelligent
distributed network

Just 1% of the UK data centre market
transferred to our network would save
10,000 tonnes of CO 2 every year.

Which is equivalent to 27,000,000
passenger air miles.


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