Recycle waste heat & save up to £300 on your annual energy bill.

We drastically reduce your household energy bill by harnessing the heat from computer servers.

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Next Generation Heating for your home

Did you know that computer servers in current data centres can provide you with free heat?

These servers produce vast amounts of heat and cooling all these computers isn’t cheap. 40% of costs used by data centres spent on cooling.

At Heata we harness this heat to give you access to cheap hot water.

How it works

It’s free and super easy to join!

01. Connect

Our engineers attach Heata™ to your current water immersion heater for free.

02. Seamless

The fit out is quick and seamless and doesn’t require any plumbing.

03. Save

The heat created by Heata™ reduces the cost of your bill by up to £300.



Save on your energy bill

The heat created by Heata™ reduces your bill.


Greener heating

Help save over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.


Enjoy free internet

Heata™ gives you exclusive access to our 4G wireless network.

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